Spiderman Man, Hulk, father of superheroes Stan Lee died

Spiderman Man
Image by thedailybeast
Stan Lee (age 95), who was recognized as the face of America's comic book culture, breathed his last at a private hospital.
  • Lee's daughter J. C. Lee had given this report to Dudhara, who had been admitted to Seeders Medical Center after losing his health. But there he got his life ...
  • He wrote the characters of surfers like Spider-Man, X Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor, Doctor Stange, and Captain America.
  • Stan Lee, the wealthy personality of comic writers, editors, filmmakers, actors, and publishers, was the force of Marvel Comics ...
  • On the occasion of 'Chakra' superhero film, Lee has done film production in India. Chakra was an animation pic

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To just Rs 399 in air travel

Airlines company Air Asia offers a bang for its customers
  • By this offer, you can travel only for domestic travel at 399 rupees, whereas in 1999 only you can travel for international flight tickets ...
  • You can plan a trip from 6 May 2019 to 4 February 2020 ...
  • You will have to book on the Air Asia website by November 18th for ...
  • Most importantly, this cheap booking will be available to you on a one-way journey, this offer is for limited passengers ...

By taking advantage of this offer, customers can book at the following route
  1. Domestic route: Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata, Kochi, Goa, Jaipur, Pune, Guwahati, Imphal, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Bagdogra, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar and Indore
  2. International Route: Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Sydney, Auckland, Melbourne, Singapore, Bali and Krabi

Change without losing prior data WhatApp number

You can use the Change Number feature to change the WhatApp number and chat with the same phone on the same phone. Just want to have your phone on it._
  • Insert a new SIM phone and start your WhatsApp Account.
  • Click on the Account Options in Settings. Then two boxes appear, enter the old phone number in the box above and enter the new number in the box below.
  • Click on the option which will appear next to it.
  • Revert to your new number. Now you can use Whatsapp from the new number.

If you have a new phone, you will have to back up WhatsApp App in the previous phone and then it will have to be restored in a new phone.

Naturally white hair will be black

It is better to naturally shave hair than using a chemical dye or colour. Some natural remedies for a haircut.
  • Amla 
Adjust the juice of amla mixed with Mehndi or mix it with hot coconut oil and then apply it to the hair.
  • Black pepper
After shampooing the hair, boil the black pepper and grate it in water and wash it with water. As you continue to do this regularly, you will soon see the difference.
  • Black T
Black Tea Urine Wash the hair, so it helps in getting white hair black. Probably there will be a difference if you do this three times a week.
  • Aloe
Aloe makes hair strong, so it helps to get black hair black. Pour lemon juice into aloe vera and paste it, apply it to hair and hair. By regularizing it will turn white hair black.
Be sure to consult your doctor for appropriate guidance.

Preview feature that will come with Whatsapp.

With the help of Whatsapp Messenger, the preview will be a new feature soon, with the help of Fake News ...

WabetaInfo, which accurately predicts all the features of Whatsapp, gives the information about the preview ...

What is the purpose of the review?

  • There is a large number of fakes in exchange for whitespace. Considering the same problem the preview feature will work.
  • It will show a preview before sharing a post in any group or personalized chatting. In this time it is possible to delete information related to the linked link, even before sending it to the concerned user if it is not known.
  • This feature will be presented for the first time in a few days for the beta version, then it will be made available to all users

The government changed the names of 25 cities in a year

Image by divyamarathi
The Central Government has approved to change the names of 25 cities and villages across the country in last one year.

 Which names of other places have changed?
 Old name and changed name
  • Allahabad: Prayagraj
  • Faizabad: Ayodhya
  • RajaMundari (Andhra Pradesh): Rajahahandavaram
  • Outdoor Wheeler (Odisha): A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Island
  • Ericcode (Kerala): Erichod
  • Pindari (Haryana): Pandu-Pindara

 The names of the following places will change soon
 Old name and alteration name
  • Ladgewadi (Sangli, Maharashtra): Narsinghgaon
  • Gadi Snapala (Rohtak, Haryana): Sir Chhotu Ram Nagar
  • Khatu Kalan village (Nagaur, Rajasthan): Big Khatu
  • Maigwana Chheka (Panna, Madhya Pradesh): The Mahagwan government
  • Mahagwan Tilia (Madhya Pradesh): Mahgawan Ghat
  • Friar Khadar (Muzaffarpur, Uttar Pradesh): Sukhtirth Khadar
  • Venus Bangar (Uttar Pradesh): Sukhtirtha Bangar

Why RM and What are the advantages of RCM?

“RCM”– The name is synonymous for direct selling in India, with the legacy of loyal consumers in every corner of the country. With its success, the main objective of the organization has always been to transform the lives of people by providing them an opportunity to enjoy financial independence, empower them socially, enabling them with relevant skills and live a blissful life.

In our mission to make India Healthy & Wealthy, we have developed a range of daily consumable products in FMCG – Food & Non-Food (Household, Home care, Personal care, Eatable and Edible products),Health& Nutrition, Fashion& Accessories, Stationary &Travel accessories, footwear categories that are used from “Good Morning to Good Night”. The dream of the founder of RCM is to transform lives followed by a very holistic approach of developing each and every product keeping in mind the main motto of, “health as the vital factor” and keeping the price of every product at “arm's length for every household of the country”.

The quality of products is ensured with the sourcing of finest ingredients from the best manufacturers across the world and State-of-Art technology and highly advanced plant & machinery.
Health & Innovation” – Our highly skilled product Development & Sourcing team have been working tirelessly adding many more wonderful products & categories in this journey.

Holistic approach in the overall development of direct sellers associated with the company has resulted in prodigious trust in RCM network, which has a vide and deep reach across India from Kargil to Kanyakumari and Kutch to Kaziranga. All RCM products are made available through an amazing network of 90 depots, more than 7500 exclusive delivery centers that is growing every year. This delivery system is backed up with a robust ERP system, which also keeps each and every Direct Seller updated with real-time smart information of their business activities with RCM.

With the time, RCM is exploring new avenues under its headship qualities in the E-commerce industry. Complete range of exclusive products is available on E-commerce platform supported by most modern technology. RCM’s latest app facilitates the users to operate their whole business at their fingertips.

Content by rcmbusiness.com

Use Google's Duo app and earn money!

Google has announced a reward system of Indian users for the promotion of its Duo app
  • The amount earned as a reward for the user will be credited to the Google Pay account, not in his bank account ...
  • Any user can also receive a reward by requesting to use their respective app for friends. Those who use the Duo app by referencing it and receiving a reward for money ...
  • Currently available only for Android system users, the Reward will be implemented for IOS users soon ...

Attraction centers for 'Statue of Unity', earning crores of rupees in Diwali 2018

Attraction centers for 'Statue of Unity', earning crores of rupees in Diwali 2018

Surat - The Statue of Unity of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, set up in Sardarvara, Sardar of Narmada River, had created differences between the political circle and socialist. But the status of the Statue of Unity has become the center of excellence in general tourists. Tourists from all over the world are coming to see Sardar Patel's magnificent image here. Only around 75,000 tourists have visited the Statue of Unity during Diwali holidays and only around 250 crores have been made from ticket sales.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's world's tallest 182 meter high statue was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 31. However, the admission fee of this statue was expressed annoyed due to the seven times more expensive of the world famous Tahmahal admission fee. However, the number of tourists visiting here is increasing. Sardar Sarovar Narmada Corporation Limited Chief Engineer P.C. Vyas said that tourists are coming not only from Gujarat but also from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
2,989 crore has been spent for this statue. Larsen & Toubro and state government headed by Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited were responsible for setting up the statue. Statue of Unity is the world's tallest statue and it has been built in less time. The height of the statue is almost double the New York Statue of Liberty. Also, Gautam Buddha of China is taller than the statue of Spring Temple.

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